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James loves working in architecture as it is very rewarding. The built environment can shape our lives and being directly involved in making this happen is wonderful. He loves being an architect and as practice director will be able to shape the shadowing opportunities around the key elements of the business. He has always believed in helping people get a better insight into where they work - his business supports internships & work with the Stephen Lawrence charity helping people into work.

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Inside London's Mega basements - the mansions complete with pools, ballrooms and cinemas


James Munro

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Job Shadow Opportunities

Life as an architect

It takes 7 years to become an architect; if you can spend a day (or three) with an architecture firm before you commit, would that be a good idea? ...

How to become an architect: Insight 1 (half day)

To get a good overview of the life of an architect I'm suggesting three half days. This and the other two parts can be constructed to give you a g...

How to be an architect: Insight 2 (half day)

This next insight builds on part 1. The focus of this half day will be more around the build of a project that will help you learn how to be an ar...

Being an Architect: Insight 3 (half day)

The final insight into life as an architect - this time with you getting involved and sharing some of your work so you can train to be an architect.
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