I’m Jo Travers Registered Dietician and Nutritionist

Why ViewVo recommends Jo Travers

Jo is an expert dietitian and has consulted for the BBC, Channel 4, and comments regularly in print and on radio. Jo's professional registration requires her to train students, so she has a great deal of experience mentoring. Being a successful dietitian depends on her excellent communication skills, passing on relevant and often complex information in a way that’s easy to understand – skills she also employs as a mentor. Jo herself is a career changer and so fully understands the concerns you may have in starting up in a new industry.

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My Experience

  • I worked in retail for 8 years managing flagship stores, where I learned how to run a business and about customer service; and then in operations, which taught me how to work things behind the scenes.

  • I have been a nutritionist for 6 years and I'm now a freelance dietitian seeing clients in clinic, running corporate workshops and working in the media. I have also just written a book.

  • I love being able to help people navigate the often contradictory messages and help them reach their goals. It's always different & I can pick my own hours, which gives me a great work-life balance.

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I have consulted for the BBC; Channel 4; and comment regularly in print and on radio. Please visit my website for YouTube videos and articles.


Jo Travers

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First Class BSc in Human Nutrition &


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