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Why ViewVo recommends Kerry Rutter

Kerry is one of the coolest upholsterers going and has plenty of honest, inspiring insight to share about the world of upholstery. Her business, 'The Joyful Home Company,' is run solely by her, produces a range of quirky home products from bespoke neon signs to upholstered cinema seats. Her ethos is particularly inspiring to us. She believes joy comes from the little things in life therefore, revamping a piece of old furniture, something that may already have meaning or a background to it, can be just the thing to make someone smile. Her business has been going strong for four years and she has an impressive 10.5k followers on Instagram and creates pieces for celebrities on a regular basis.

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My Experience

  • I had business previous to this one which involved renting out vintage VW camper vans. It was fantastic but I ended up selling it to start up the one I run now.

  • I run my own upholstery business, working with some very good clients.

  • Not to sound superficial but it is a great feeling when you see a piece of furniture you have worked on in a celebrity’s home! In terms of a more personal achievement, I am proud that I have built...

Kerry Rutter

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Becoming an upholsterer

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Succeeding as an upholsterer

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