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Through working in both investment banking and now Venture Capital, Shahryar has a great perspective not only on what he's doing now, but how he made the transition. He can go over the differences between the roles as well as go into more detail into what he does now. Capital Pilot works in particular with smaller start ups, so his knowledge of this scene and what investors look for is insightful. Unlike other VC's, Capital Pilot has a strong focus on helping the start ups get established, so their focus on helping others and being constructive really appealed to us at ViewVo. Finally, Shahryar is a student Ambassador at Imperial on the MBA programme - he already operates in a mentoring and expert capacity, so his skills in this area are well established.

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My Experience

  • I was at JP Morgan in both risk analysis and product controller roles. I had oversight of UCITS and non UCITS structured funds and 3rd party hedge funds within the specialised asset management arm.

  • Capital Pilot is the Single Market for early stage tech startups and investors, bringing transparency, speed and efficiency to the fundraising process through automation and smart data science.

  • I love the exciting nature of the start up world. I get the chance to be really creative and part of the changes that are happening around me. It's very energising.

Shahryar Barati

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