I’m Virginia King Virtual Assistant,

Why ViewVo recommends Virginia King

Virtual Assistants are rapidly becoming the go-to way for small and growing businesses who need high quality support but don't have the money or inclination to take on permanent staff. It is a fantastic way to achieve the work/life balance you may not be able to get in an office environment. In 2 years, she's built a succesful and thriving business. She's working as many hours as she needs as she balances this with being a mum. She works on average 3 full time days a week and then spends the rest of her time on admin/spending time with her daughter. When we were researching VA's, Virginia's name came up a few times via various facebook groups as being a fab VA. We interviewed her and several others. Most VA's are reluctant to share what works for them with a potential competitor. Virgina is different: she is willing to help you where others aren't. This is why she's a ViewVo mentor.

Highly Qualified
Career Changer
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My Experience

  • I've built up over 15 years experience as an Executive Assistant for a CEO and Project Manager in the entrepreneurial scale up sector.

  • I run my own virtual assistant business. I started from scratch and definitely made mistakes which I'm keen to help others avoid. it's become a competitive sector and there are some definite do's...

  • The flexibility and work / life balance and being able to work with a variety of different businesses. No two days are the same.

Virginia King

Awards and Qualifications


The VA Handbook - DIY VA Course

15 yrs+


Executive PA and Project Manager

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